Q: What is the difference between Motion Detection and Presence Detection?

A: Motion Detection senses changes in light for a specific area. For example, a motion sensor pointed down a hallway is triggered when there is a change in lighting due to motion.

Presence Detection uses WiFi, Bluetooth, or GPS to determine your location. It involves communication between a device on your person and one or more other devices that communicate with the smart home platform.

Example – Your smart phone is connected to your home’s WiFi, therefore, you are home.
Example – Your smart phone broadcasts GPS coordinates to your smart home platform. If your GPS coordinates match your home’s GPS coordinates, then you are home.

Q: What is VPN?

A: VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. Used as a verb, you can VPN to another network.

Tech Targets offers two different scenarios for VPN.

The first scenario is called Outgoing VPN. In this scenario –
– You are on a computer/phone/tablet within your home.
– You use the appropriate app to turn on VPN for that device.
– When VPN is turned on and you visit a site on the internet, all traffic is first routed to a data center owned by the company that provides your VPN service.
– This way, when a site is resolved, a public IP address owned by your VPN provider (as opposed to your home’s public IP address) is disclosed to any websites that you visit.

The second scenario is called Incoming VPN. In this scenario –
– You are on a compuer/phone/tablet outside your home.
– You use the appropriate app to turn on VPN for that device.
– When VPN is turned on, your device connects directly to your home’s network. All apps on your device (with some exceptions) will work as if you were actually at home on your normal WiFi network.

Q: Does Tech Targets install security systems?

A: Yes. Currently Tech Targets supports installation, configuration, and integration of Ring Alarm, Nest Protect, Abode, and SimpliSafe security systems. We support smart home integration with ADT security systems.

Q: Does Tech Targets provide professional monitoring for homes after installing a security system?

A: No. Tech Targets installs and configures security systems such that the homeowner receives all notifications/alerts. This is oftentimes preferable since most homeowners would prefer to be the one making the decision on whether or not to call the authorities.

Q: Does Tech Targets install entertainment systems?

A: No. Tech Targets does, however, integrate existing entertainment systems into the smart home platform so that you can, for instance, use voice commands to play a specific show on Netflix, raise/lower the volume of your TV, etc.