The concept of a Smart Home or Smart Office is very appealing on the surface. Unfortunately, many enthusiasts and small businesses find that the promise of convenience, productivity, and fun can quickly vanish if the end-to-end experience is not intuitive.

Tech Targets strives to minimize the number of inconveniences that come with smart devices. No more unrecognized voice commands or awkward naming conventions. No more smart bulbs unexpectedly falling off the network. No more redoing your entire configuration because Google or Amazon changed their API. No more worrying about firmware updates bricking your devices.

Tech Targets acts as a partner in the sense that we will handle as much or as little of your IT infrastructure as you would like. If you are an enthusiast that enjoys experimenting, just know that you can consult Tech Targets at any step along the way – especially if things start to get a little overwhelming. If you would like to avoid diverting your attention from your core business, or if you simply would like to add a “wow factor” to your home, Tech Targets can take care of everything that goes along with creating a fun, intuitive, and polished Smart Home experience.